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October 2022

Monthly recommendation blog posts are back! Our blog has been on hiatus while our working group has focused on developing a curriculum for what we hope will become a discussion-based workshop offered during the January term (Independent Activities Period) at MIT. However, this fall we’re resuming our blog posts and hoping to bring you lots…

March 2022

Long Read: Transcendent Kingdom “Transcendent Kingdom” is a fictional book about Gifty, a black female Neuroscience PhD candidate studying reward-seeking pathways in mice. Themes and behaviors Gifty observes in her science are closely mirrored by the trauma, relating to addiction and depression, experienced by Gifty and her family. While much of the present-day plot is…

February 2022

Long Watch: Kiss the Ground documentary (1 hr and 24 mins on Netflix and Vimeo, available free to schools, students, and teachers.) Kiss the Ground is a 2020 documentary focusing on how sustainable farming practices can be used to sequester carbon from Earth’s atmosphere. While it is cheesy at times (with some gratuitous celebrity cameos),…

January 2022

Long Read: Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Noble At the start of January, members of the MIT BE community participated in BE’s second-ever DEI book club chat where we discussed Safiya Noble’s work and, more generally, how algorithms such as those used by search engines or biomedical researchers can reinforce biases and racism. Noble begins…


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This is the blog of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) grad student working groups in the MIT department of Biological Engineering. Every month, we post recommendations for books, articles, and other resources on how struggles for justice and equity intersect with STEM, healthcare, and education.


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